On to the next thing…

by docinsano

So my fast fiction idea kind of flopped. No one wants to read stupid stories about a Douche trapped in a suitcase getting high off of farts. So, in the tradition of the Boner King, I present to you a few lines about a boner in The Boner Who Wouldn’t Go Away.

I had a boner.

He wouldn’t go away.

Even when I went to the store for a gallon of milk.

My boner was there to check the expiration date.

He followed me to the beach one day.

I couldn’t lie down with him standing up.

But I suppose he’d make a good sundial.

It appeared to be people were mesmerized by my boner.

I was wrong as they pointed and laughed at my boner.

It’s hard to live with a boner that won’t go away.

I went to a movie and my boner came with.

He spilled my popcorn. He spilled my drink later.

Everyday I try to hide my boner.

But he always pops up.

He popped up while I was having dinner with my parents.

He made me spill my spaghetti.

He popped up once during a meeting.

My boss was not amused by my boner.

I often think about getting my boner checked out by a d0ctor.

But every time I try to make an appointment, my boner ends the call.

It’s hard to live with a boner that won’t go away.

Even though he makes my life hell

my boner is my friend and he’s free to stay.

…in my pants.