by docinsano

Ahhhh, yes, what a beautiful post-apocalyptic scenario- two guys teaming up, not getting along, one is on the brink of dying, a man comes along to help. How very altruistic. We will continue the story of these three survivors, but let us remember, they aren’t the only survivors, let me assure you. Hundreds of miles west of our three adventurers, there lies another city, demolished in the same fashion. There must be survivors there.

Now let us treat the drunken Gar’s wounds and see how Nat handles a little application of salve.


I prayed for one second longer, hoping to God this remedy wasn’t going to go up the butt.

“Uh, Mac, this remedy,” I started, “it doesn’t go up-” he cut me off, knowing already what I was thinking.

“No, it isn’t a suppository,” Mac answered. I was relieved and finally could breathe easier.

“It’s topical and oral. You eat it and apply it directly to the wound.”

“Ahhhhhh, I said. I thought you said ‘anal’ before.” I replied while Mac shook his head after the mention of ‘anal.’

“Okay,” Mac started up, “just take a glop of this here,” he took out a generous glop of the goo, “and rub it on the wound.”

Gar stirred a bit as Mac rubbed the salve on the wounds.

“That’s why I had him drunk. This stuff stings a bit.” Mac said as the salve started up some kind of foaming action as it was applied.

“You keep rubbing it in until the foaming stops. Here, finish the arm, I’ll pump some down his throat,” Mac instructed me as he handed me the beaker with the gel in it.

I applied it liberally, holding his arm, staring at the foaming action of the medicine. I wondered how the heck this guy made it and hoped to God or the Gods or whatever that this shit would work. I kept rubbing it in, the foam kept rising. The infection must have been bad. The salve was almost all gone when I noticed the foaming beginning to stop. The rotten looking flesh was gone. No pus at all. What remained looked like a second-degree burn after you pop the blisters. It still looked nasty but it sure as diddley-hell looked better than it did before.

As I finished up, Mac was just finishing pouring the agitated, liquified gel down Gar’s throat through a funnel and into a tube down his throat. Damn, was he passed out. Gar kind of jerked a little bit as he poured the last of the remedy down his throat.

“There, that should do it. He’s guaranteed to wake up in, hmmmm, ten or fifteen minutes, I’d say,” Mac said aloud.

“Why’s that?” I asked. Mac laughed.

“You’ll see in about ten minutes!” Mac said, still chuckling with his beady round eyes and glasses off as I laughed nervously.