Mac Attack

by docinsano

Now we were on a slightly different path, helping T and D, or was it Tea and Dea? I’ll go with Tea and Dea from here on out. We walked and walked while the girls talked and talked. They talked frantically, mostly worrying about friends and family they haven’t seen yet. From what I understood it was Tea, Dea, and Fee, three sisters. Fee was on the search for their mother, they had a little ‘place’ to stay with a bed and a stove and some food. At the least, I hoped we could score a free meal for our good deed.

Mac chit-chatted a bit with the girls too, mostly talking technical stuff that the girls clearly knew nothing about. And on and on with his knowledge, his know-how. It was boring. I stayed quiet. I was kind of pissed that we had to walk out of the way damn near five miles (probably less than one, actually) to help these chicks out. Plus it got me all wrapped up into thinking about my wife. I knew she was alive, somewhere, but I just couldn’t find her. Nothing could stop that woman. She was probably looking for me, too. It was frustrating not being able to communicate with her, but I could feel her energy in the air. I just couldn’t lock it down.

“Here it is!” Tea exclaimed. It was pretty much as I thought: A makeshift shed-type building. A bed and a couple of cabinets. There was a well put together stove in the corner. Whoever made it knew how to make a stove. The coals were red-hot and ready for cooking. Tea grabbed a can of some type of pasta and slopped in into a pan, putting in on the stove. Dea tended to her wounds, covering it with a clean cloth.

“So, where’s your sister?” I asked. Gar laughed. I hoped Gar wasn’t going to say something stupid.

“Well,” she said in a semi-bitchy tone, “if you were listening, Fee is gone searching for the rest of our family.”

“Oh,” I said stupidly, “that’s right, I remember hearing about that.”

I kind of wanted to get going. These were ungrateful bitches. I could even tell they probably weren’t going to offer us any food. I wouldn’t blame them if they did, they didn’t know us. We did help them out though…

“We don’t really have enough to go around, sorry,” Tea said. Sure enough.

“Well,” I started to say “we probably should get going.”

“Nat, lets just stay here for the night. We can head out in the morning. I’m pooped,” Mac suggested.

Gar laughed and grunted drunkenly. He wouldn’t care either way as long as he had his bottle.

I shrugged. “Fine,” I said as I put my stuff down and settled in. Mac looked excited to see a member of the opposite sex. He just wanted to talk and talk and talk and listen to these bitches jabba jabba jabba. Go nuts, Mac.

The sun was burning a firey orange-red hue. Purples on the outside. It was amazing. Mac bent down to observe Dea’s wound, rubbing more salve on it. Gar found himself on the bed, a comfy spot, and sucked his bottle. He’d pass out in a minute. We’d probably hear his drunken chuckles- him laughing at some random part of a conversation.

I pulled up a ripped up cushion and laid down.

“G’night ladies and gents,” I said before I hit the floor.

“Going to sleep already?” Mac said.

“Yeah, I’m pretty tired man,” I replied, closing my eyes.

I imagined Mac being in heaven. Two girls that would listen and pay attention to him! Oh, they’d have a time, I was sure. I was also sure Mac would be on the fast track to getting slapped in the face, especially when I kept seeing that damn grin on his face. I thought about my wife again for a minute, I could feel her presents in a forest. A large evergreen forest. I wanted to go West. I pondered the idea of waking up early and just leaving. By then Mac would probably have learned his lesson. Or not. I prayed for our safety before my consciousness left my mind. The last thing I remember was Mac talking about some research he was doing before the disaster. There were loads of “Really?” and “That’s amazing!” Those ladies sure sounded interested. I had a feeling they were after something else…