On to New Things

by docinsano

Okay, so I’ve decided to conclude the story I was working on. I plan on compiling the blog posts into a novella of sorts in the future. Maybe sell it dirt cheap as an e-book, who knows. It will be cleaned up a bit with detail added so it won’t be the exact same. I have plans for it. After that I’ll continue on.

However, I have a new project! The Leatherman Tool Poetry Project! I am creating a series of poems which revolve around the Leatherman tool. I would like contributors as well. So if you are an avid user of a Leatherman tool, or even just know what one is and what you can do with it, or maybe you just have a knack for making rhymes and having fun, head over to the discussion at the SydLexia.com forums Right Here.

Here’s one for today, I call it Fishin’. (I’ll eventually have audio of this, I have a certain voice I use when it is read, stay tuned for that.)


I went fishin’ one day

and it was really nice.

Caught a mess of fish-

the fishin’ was great

-no need to think twice.

But I caught a fish

and a hook got stuck

deep in his throat.

I tried to get it out

but it was tough and

I just kept

rockin’ the boat.

I dug in my box

to find myself a tool.
I couldn’t find a pliers

I didn’t bring one?

What a fool!

Oh, life isn’t fair

and life can be cruel,

Oh what would I do

without my Leatherman tool?

I grabbed it from my belt

I took that sucker out

I showed that damn hook

what the Leatherman is all about.

The fish was alright

I watched him swim away.

Thanks to good ol’ Leatherman

he’ll fight another day.