Hikin’ & Bikin’

by docinsano

A fine summer day

to head out West

Out to the mountains

to see Nature’s best

Out in the wild

for some hikin’ and bikin’

Little did I know what I might get into-

Travels were great

’til I saw this sign

“Falling Rocks” it said

and it stuck in my mind

-Of course Nature is never so kind

She pushed one of those rocks

right on to my legs

I was stuck, I was trapped

The rock had me pegged.

Oh what would I do?

This really wasn’t cool

Then I remembered-

I brought my Leatherman tool!

I cut through my legs

hacking with the blade

I was free from the rock

and next to my legs I laid

About an hour later

help did arrive-

I cut off my legs

and that wasn’t very cool

But hey, I’m alive

Thanks to Leatherman tool!